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Multi Sensor Controller MSC2

Multi Sensor Controller MSC2 is a gas measuring, monitoring and warning controller based on state-of-the-art micro-technology for continuous monitoring of the ambient air to detect toxic and combustible gases, refrigerants or oxygen.

Miniature Pressure Sensor

Bestech offers miniature pressure sensors for taking measurements at close proximity in places where access is a problem and in very thin pipes – exactly the kinds of conditions associated with engine test benches.


2040 L x 2040H x 750H
New Contemporary Style Setting


1980 dia x 760H
New Contemporary Style

Maddox Seating

Maddox Setting is part of the Maddox Range of Street & Park Furniture.

Manifest Cabinet

The STOREMASTA SPP4M is a manifest cabinet designed for the storage of onsite emergency information .

Metro Apartment Numbers

Stylish Apartment/Unit Numbers.

M660 Self-contained Lantern

Self-contained LED lantern for buoys and minor beacons, up to 4 NM Range.

Make light work of hazardous areas with NHP

NHP provides an extensive range of Hazardous Area LED lighting products and in-house lighting designs to improve efficiency by lowering energy consumption, minimising maintenance requirements and reducing installation costs.

Mawson Seat

The Mawson is a stylish addition to any outdoor area.

MILL Rectangular Shop - Gimbal downlight

perfect for commercial or high-end residential projects. Those adjustable light are highly recommended for effective display lighting to draw attention and task lighting.

Medium High Cube Planter

Medium High Cube Planters, perfect for Indoor or Outdoor use.