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Lead-Free Strain Gauges with Excellent Fatigue Life

Bestech Australia offers lead-free strain gauges with a unique gauge pattern and special plastics backing with excellent fatigue life.

Ladder Rung Anti-Slip Covers

Fast and easy installation directly over either square or round ladder rungs to eliminate the risk of feet slipping off smooth timber or metal ladders.

Lunch N Learn

Park setting, with a Laminex table top for an easy to clean surface.

LED Gridlight

The LED Gridlight offers high-performance lighting from high-efficiency LED COB, designed specifically for the architect market.

Laguna Lounge

If you want to make a statement in your outdoor area the Laguna Lounge offers the ultimate in style and comfort.

LED Highbay Light

The LED Highbay Light can be suspended, surface mounted and with a cover added for either decorative or for reducing of the glare.

Low Power Variable Reluctance Pressure Transducer

Bestech Australia introduces the DP15, a variable reluctance pressure transducer capable of very low to high pressure measurement with low power consumption.

Learn to Swim Platform

Learn to Swim Platform, made from Aluminium OR Stainless Steel.

Learning and Performing Space - L.A.P.S.

Learning and Performing Space - L.A.P.S.

A new "sustainable choice" area incorporating recycled plastic wood decking, seating, performance platforms, food gardens and play areas featuring art installation.

Luxafloor CP

Luxafloor® CP is a high performance, moisture curing, non-yellowing, single pack clear urethane finish for brush or roller application to concrete floors.

Luxafloor PTX

Luxafloor® PTX is a high performance, high build recoatable polyurethane floor coating designed for ease of use. Luxafloor® PTX exhibits excellent gloss and colour retention under high UV exposure.

LED is the New Trend for Residential Lighting

Already the preferred choice in commercial and architectural applications, LED lighting is becoming a new trend for residential lighting in Australia.