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Geberit Diseno Bottle Trap

Geberit traps for washbasins are shaped for optimised flow, they offer a high discharge rate as well as a considerable self-cleaning effect which prevents clogging. They are easy to install, durable and stylish.

Geberit Hytronic 185/186 Sensor Taps

The Geberit HyTronic touchles sensor taps are reliable and easy to install solutions for public areas. They produce their own power. Flowing water charges the accumulator via the hydroelectric turbine which produces electricity.

Geberit HDPE

Geberit HDPE is the complete solution for all types of drainage, both above and below ground. The pipes and fittings are manufactured from high density polyethylene and offer numerous advantages compared to conventional piping systems.

Geberit Sovent

Geberit Sovent fittings take care of pressure compensation in discharge stacks. In doing so, they increase the capacity of the stacks and eliminate the need to install a parallel ventilating pipe, which leads to material and labour cost savings.

Geberit Pluvia

Geberit siphonic roof drainage system. Fewer pipelines, superior performance, more usable space. Geberit Pluvia drains roofs more efficiently and reliably; performing at its best under the heaviest rainfall.

Give Way Sign

Material: Aluminium Reflective Class 1

Size: 750mm.

Gas Bottle Trolley

STOREMASTA new Gas Bottle Trolley makes moving oxygen and acetylene bottles much more efficient and practical.

GalvinCare Mental Health Tapware

GalvinCare Mental Health Products are the number one choice for anti-ligature and vandal resistance. With our guaranteed commitment to safety in design, all products are produced with the aim of preventing risk for patients and staff .

GalvinCare ClevaCare Shower Arm

The GalvinCare® ClevaCare® Shower Arm by Galvin Specialised solves many of the problems encountered when showering people with limited mobility.

Gondwana Stone by CCS

A truly unique hand selected collection of gorgeous landscaping stones delivered to site. Create something truly special with this exclusive range.

G Series

The Gorman-Rupp “G Series” line by Hydro Innovations is made to set superior performance in the industry.

GFS-200-RD 6M Solar Street Light (Cyclone Rated)

6 Metre Solar Street Light engineered to withstand the highest national cyclone standard.