Timber Connector Specification Icons And Area Usage Chart By VUETRADE

News Date: 11 Jul 2017

Category: Buildings

VUETRADE have unique and easy to understand Icon markings for our Timber Connectors range making product specification simple and helping to ensure the correct grade steel is used for different local areas and environments.

Timber Connector Specification Icons And Area Usage Chart

To assist with proper product specification and to ensure the correct grade steel is used for the local area or environment; VUETRADE have developed unique and easy to understand Icons for our Timber Connectors range!

We’ve also developed a chart which helps to visualise the guidelines around where different grades of steel should be used for timber connectors.

Download the PDF Specification Guide below or visit our VUETRADE Timber Connector Specification Icons page for the full details!

PDF VUETRADE Timber Connectors Specification Icons & Area Chart.

Over the coming months you will see these icons added to product labels and product pages on our website.


• Internal/enclosed
• Exterior/exposed inland areas except if in contact with fresh water or non-saline wetting & drying

Marine Environment – 304SS:

• Marine Environment – 100m up to 1km from a non-surf coast and from 1km up to 10km from a surf coast
• External applications in contact with freshwater or subject to non-saline wetting and drying (classed as Marine Environment as per AS 3700 – 2011: Section 5: Design for Durability)
• Minimum steel grade required Stainless Steel 304

Severe Marine – 316SS

• Severe Marine – 100m from a non-surf coast and up to 1km from a surf coast
• Minimum Steel Grade Stainless Steel 316
• No ‘Tea Staining’ a superficial ‘rust’ look that occurs on lower grades of Stainless Steel including 304.

Timber Connectors Specification Area Chart:
This chart provides a visual illustration of different building environments relative to the above Icons.


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