Is your Gas Sensor due for Calibration? By GAS ALARM SYSTEMS

News Date: 06 Sep 2017

Category: Buildings

Gas Detectors are intended to protect workers and assets from hazards that may be present in the workplace.

Is your Gas Sensor due for Calibration?

Gas detectors are an important part of safety systems and hence it’s very important that gas detectors provide accurate, reliable and precise measurements.

Many factors such as environment, operating conditions, years of use, etc. can lead to calibration drift and inaccurate readings. To ensure the sensor accuracy and system integrity, gas sensor must be calibrated at regular intervals as per manufacturer’s recommendations.

To simplify your calibration needs on a regular basis, we now have covered a complete calibration kit in our product portfolio. This contains a complete range of calibration gases (including toxic, flammable, combustible and refrigerants), flow regulator, adapter and hand tool for our sensors.

Calibration is a process where an accurate gas mixture (calibration gas) is used as a reference to test the readings provided by the gas detection sensor. Choosing the correct size and an accurate mixture of gases for a particular application is always a challenge.

We can provide specialty calibration gas mixtures in multiple cylinder sizes depending upon your application along with a flow regulator compatible with the gas cylinder. We can also offer you a calibration service for our sensor by our qualified and trained personnel throughout Australia.

Ignoring regular calibration may lead to inaccurate readings, quality issues, production downtime and even legal infringements. Please contact us today for any of your calibration needs. Alternatively, please visit our website at: Calibration.

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