Stinger Cap Systems is a brand of products designed by National Nail Corp a company that has over forty years of experience and innovation - supplier of quality building solutions and is the leader in cap systems technology.

The New System, The New Standard.


With STINGER Cap Systems, you get the holding power of a cap with the speed and ease of a hammertacker.  Each cap and staple provides a powerful hold, allowing you to use up to 80% fewer fasteners than with traditional staples alone.  The caps help seal out moisture, providing enhanced protection.  Best of all, STINGER fasteners are an industry "Best Practice", recommended by DuPont and others.  That's unbeatable quality!


The economical CH38 costs the same as an average hammertacker, but the benefits are priceless!  The ergonomic design makes the CH38 highly maneuverable so you can get into the tightest corners, and because it's lightweight, you can work comfortably all day.  This tool doesn't need expensive compressors or hoses, so it's easy to get started.


Call us now on 1300-4-STINGER and get fast, professional results with STINGER!.

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