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Established in 1992, Norwood Products, an Australian family owned business has built a reputation for its quality outdoor timber products. Norwood specialises in timber fence systems, including morticed post and rail fencing, gates and bollards.

The company supplies to contractors, councils, landscapers, management committees, developers and individual clients. Staff are equipped to liase with various groups during the planning process and have access to teams of competent, reliable installers.

Norwood Post & Rail Fencing is manufactured from carefully selected timber sourced only from sustainable regrowth forests. The species generally used are all either Class 1 or 2 durability hardwoods.

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Norwood Products and the Environment.

Norwood Products' environmental policy stipulates that out timber is sourced only from sustainable regrowth forests. These forests are not clear felled! Only 12% of the selected zones (approx. 2% of Australia's available forests) are logged in any one year period, after which, these zones are closed to allow regrowth.

Norwood Products also has waste policies in place to ensure minimal environmental impact. This includes supplying sawdust to compost and soil manufacturers and recycling other industrial wastes such as plastic, paper and steel.



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