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One of the world's best independent lighting design companies, led by one of the world's best architectural lighting designers offers world leading design solutions and Lighting as a Service.

Jenni Gillard Architectural Lighting Designers Pty Ltd is a multi-award winning lighting design studio headquartered in Brisbane, Australia.  Awards range from the small forecourt Dyslexia Foundation Christchurch New Zealand to, amongst many others, the heritage listed, architecturally significant St Brigid’s Church and internationally recognised Bowen Court apartment complex.  We have lit the world's largest Oceanarium, SEA Aquarium Singapore, (one of the world's most complex environments to light well) and one of Australia's most expensive homes.  Jenni Gillard is a world recognised lighting design authority and one of the most qualified and experienced.

The Gillard Group is the first product independent lighting design company in the world to offer Lighting as a Service (LaaS), contract long term LaaS clients and offer an advanced light portfolio asset management system to underpin LaaS.  This comprehensive suite provides owners with real energy savings, a forward cash flow, replacement schedule, TCO, savings from economies of scale and benefits realisation schema.  

We save our clients money and position them well for the future. As lighting goes digital, the lighting industry faces a transformative and disruptive decade. The number of new light-based products and services to unfold over this period is staggering. We predicted this in 2012 and built solutions to help our clients take advantage of the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls. 

Lighting services

Independent lighting design: We do not sell or profit from lighting product. We only provide the light levels and light fittings compliance and our clients’ demand. We protect our clients and source from reputable providers of quality product and secure wholesale prices. Our design fees pay for themselves via direct and indirect savings.

Lighting plans and elevations: As experts subject to professional codes of practice, our AutoCAD drawings and associated material are very clear and detailed and cover all stages including tender, construction and build. Those who offer ‘free’ design recoup costs by undisclosed means.

Benefits realisation: Choose a product independent lighting expert, like us, to design the perfect solution and source appropriate product.  Consider lighting as a service to reap true TCO benefits.  Regarding LED, acknowledge that a joint Government initiative identified systemic consumer ignorance, variable quality product, bad market behaviour, false and misleading information and limited consumer protection (Consultation Regulation Impact Statement, Lighting, November 2016).

Certifications for code requirements: As world recognised and highly qualified experts we can certify that our designs meet strict requirements specified by Governments, Councils, heritage, safety and other regulatory authorities.

3d rendering and artist impressions: We love the art of lighting and can render, draw and model plans and concepts.

Project and product budget: We provide fixed price quotes for our services and detailed budgets and specifications for products. 

The more you know, the more you will want to partner with the Gillard Group.  Visit our web site for more information or contact us.



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