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A world leading supplier for static, self guided outdoor exercise equipment. Fitness for a lifetime.

We are represented in Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, Fiji, New Zealand and the USA. Thousands of active people use Fitness Trails outdoor exercise systems to reach their fitness goals.Established in the mid 1980's in association with Parcourse USA, Fitness Trails has created a network of more than 600 fitness trails and fitness clusters - the EXERSITE- around Australia and internationally.

Australia's leading exercise physiologists designed the self-guided walking or jogging fitness trails to create the EXERSITE, the outdoor fitness centre that is safe, durable, low cost, gets results and is fun to use.

The EXERSITE and Fitness Trails are endorsed by peak health and fitness organisations around the world and are found in parks and recreation areas, schools, tertiary institutions, resorts, housing and business developments, golf courses, hospitals, defence installations and detention centres: in fact anywhere where people want to work out.

The outdoor exercise equipment is manufactured using either environmentally friendly, recycled plastic or sustainably harvested Australian hardwood..

Using recycled plastic offers a great option for the community for whole-of-life product cost savings as well as helping the environment.

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