DA Lighting

DA Lighting is a 100% Australia owned and operate company. DA lighting has been providing quality led lights products for years in Australia. We have been in partnership with the most reputable lighting companies in Australia and providing quality and unique led lights products. We have won lots of high profile projects such as

Royal Mint Museum Canbera,

Department of Defence -HMAS,

Department of Transport NSW


New Brighton Hotel,

Crows Nest Shopping Center,

Nature's Best,

Road and Maritime Serive(Formally RTA),

Newcastle University via our partner.

DA Lighting is one of the company to promote the led lights in its earlier stage and has been working with the NSW government agent for the initation of energy saving scheme.

DA Lighting will continue providing quality products and with the updated ranges, such as led panel, led downlights, led T8 tubes, led flood lights, led street lights, led trackspots and led displays lights.

DA Lighting expands our product ranges as the company grows.


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