The 9th National Public Sector Women in Leadership Summit 2017

Jul 2017
09:00 AM
Jul 2017
04:30 PM

Strategies, skills and insightful leadership advice for current and emerging female leaders in the Australian Public Sector.

The Australian Public Sector is undergoing much transformation, creating a dynamic and complex environment that needs strong, courageous leaders who pioneer new pathways. Although it is becoming increasingly complex, it also presents opportunities for existing and emerging leaders to grow and innovate.

This is essential when revamping traditional structures and systems to remain relevant and push towards a more public-centric service. In order to become the leader of tomorrow, established and emerging leaders in the Public Sector must discover and hone their skills in order to redefine their futures and seize opportunities to grow and progress.

They must find effective strategies to manage disruptions, drive transformation, performance manage a diverse workforce, navigate disruptions and push towards a quality citizen-centric service. As the premier learning and networking event, The 9th National Public Sector Women in Leadership Summit 2017 brings together a variety of leaders to share their inspirational journeys, practical advice and insights.

We are proud to present a speaker line-up showcasing the Australian Public Sector’s diversity of thought, experience, gender and culture. Aspiring female leaders will gain valuable insights and advice through interactive workshops, case studies, expert commentary sessions and two interactive panel discussions.

Discover strategies and skill-sets to navigate complex challenges, drive successful change, and achieve career excellence in the Public Sector! So, maximise your potential and register now!

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10% off Standard Rate Team of 3 - 4
15% off Standard Rate Team of 5 - 9
20% off Standard Rate Team of 10 - 14
22% off Standard Rate Team of 15 + Online Brochure and Tickets Available at: 

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