Colourthane acrylic polyurethane by Valspar

Colourthane is an ultra premium, two-pack acrylic polyurethane top coat that is used widely in a range of industrial and commercial environments. It has superior durability and gloss retention, and comes in a wide range of solid and metallic colours.
  • Colourthane acrylic polyurethane by Valspar, VIC 3012

Colourthane is an ultra-premium quality, two-pack, acrylic polyurethane system. Designed specifically to deliver outstanding gloss and flow properties, Colourthane combines ease of application with superior durability, gloss retention and chemical resistance.

The product delivers excellent colour reproduction through an intermix tinting system. Colourthane tinters provide the flexibility to match virtually any colour including fleet, agricultural, metallics, RAL and Australian standards. To date, over 3000 colours are available in the Colourthane range with new colours added regularly.

Colourthane is the ideal choice for exterior industrial and commercial applications where a tough, high gloss finish is required. For commercial properties, Colourthane will perform brilliantly over exterior and interior exposed steelwork and facades such as exposed columns, architectural steel extrusions and balustrades. The product also delivers a durable finish to agricultural and heavy machinery, industrial vehicles, horse floats, trailers, trains and countless other industrial metal applications.

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