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Road & Street Lighting is designed specifically to illuminate stretches of road, which in return provides commuters and pedestrians with a sense of comfort and safety. ProjectLink features only the best, most energy efficient lighting solutions for your road project; including hundreds of different technologies and designs to provide our roads with light.

When it comes to designing, installing and maintaining road and street lighting, it is necessary to maintain road safety standards, amenity and personal safety. To reduce the long-term maintenance costs of the city and to enhance the appearance and vitality of the community, one needs to understand the impact of carbon emissions and what he/she can do to make the city carbon neutral.

The most obvious solution would be to ensure that all street lighting is solar powered. It is the future of lighting technology and can help reduce your carbon footprint to a great extent. It is incredibly popular for rural areas where access to power mains can be rare. This technology delivers a sustainable and convenient way to illuminate your area with minimal investment and maintenance.

The benefits of installing solar street lights are real and the impact is immediately noticeable. These lights are easy to install and maintain, as they do not need to be connected to the power mains. These lights harness the sun’s energy to provide quality illumination for streets and site lighting applications. They are extremely useful in conditions where electricity is not available or is not consistent. In the event of a power outage, these light remain on. They also help reduce crime and traffic accidents to a great extent.

In addition to adopting renewable energy sources for public amenities, replacing traditional lighting with LED lighting is also one of the best-proven steps to reduce carbon footprint. Heavy duty LED solutions are cost effective and assist the environment by using less energy than traditional halogen lighting. Businesses can achieve a significant drop in power consumption by simply switching to LED lighting. It is the latest technological option for public area lighting.

LED lights can cut energy and operational costs by 50% or more and help pave the way to smarter cities. These lights not only minimise the maintenance requirements but also bring about a considerable drop in the total amount of your projects’ bills. These lights also help in reducing carbon footprint, production and transportation costs. They are 100% recyclable too.

The ProjectLink database is a highly specialised online system that has been created specifically to help businesses find the best lighting solutions for their projects. There is a wide range of related categories, products and services available on the ProjectLink website simply waiting to be explored. Start by learning more about road and street lighting.

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Road & Street Lighting Products

UltraLux LED Solar Pole Light

When the location is far off the grid and running power is not a viable option, a self-powered solar can be an excellent solution for the illumination of streets, parks, walkways, parking lots, jetties and a variety of other public spaces.

IONNIC LED Worklamps

IONNIC LED Worklamps are a range of general purpose LED worklamps, ideal for use on service vehicles, 4WD's, trucks, forklifts etc. Utilizing latest technology these worklamps provide outstanding light output.

Solar lighting for parks and reserves

Several stand alone solar lighting ranges well suited for parks & reserves

T- LED Direct - D28085

The T- LED Direct replaces fluorescent tubes with almost the same beam angle of normal florescent tubes. This makes the original troffer usable to maximize the light output.

Isolite Downlight Guards

Warning! Exposed Downlights in Ceilings Do Cause Fires.

LED Street Lights

BoscoLighting Street lights are perfect for outdoor carparks, private roads or footpaths where the utility is not responsible.

EG-Series Solar Street Lights

Six different models of self-contained solar LED lighting solutions ideal for parking lot, street and site lighting applications.

Green Lighting - Grid Tied Solar Lighting

Grid Tied Solar Lighting has been developed in conjunction with LED Roadway Lighting Ltd, enabling Minor Street Lighting to be power by the sun for the first time.

HESS Campo Family - Area Lighting

HESS Campo, architectural designed indirect lighting system for area lighting. HID 70/150W and now 42W LED. Glare reduced.

GFS-400 Solar Street Light

9 Metre 60-100W Solar Street Light Kit.

LED Triangle Light

The LED Triangle Lights are compact general-purpose work lights, designed to improve road safety and are great to use during nighttime. These emergency lights are foldable in nature and are protected within a sturdy carry case.

Enviro T5 Street Light

Energy efficient Enviro T5 Street Light – the only T5 to offer Spill Light Control Baffles. Reduced OMR costs through specific design attributes.

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Australian manufacturer of LED Lighting Solutions, specialising in LED lighting products for Industrial, Commercial and Architectural ...

Platinum Plus Storefront Platinum Plus Storefront

Suppliers of lighting, safety and electrical products including: worklamps, emergency lights, audible, CCTV, cables, connectors and ...

Gold Storefront Gold Storefront

Stand alone solar lighting for minor roads, car parks, parks & reserves, pathways, bikeways, marinas, jetties, mining, industry, ...

Gold Storefront Gold Storefront

DA Lighting is a 100% Australia owned and operate company nationally Providing quality productsa and exceptional after sales service ...

Gold Storefront Gold Storefront

Suppliers of building products such as cladding, craftstone, screen fencing, insulation, shutters, draftstoppers, roof ventilators and ...

Gold Storefront Gold Storefront

BoscoLighting is one of Australia’s leading lighting manufacturers, specialising in high quality LED lighting solutions.

Gold Storefront Gold Storefront

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