Cubis Systems.

CUBIS modular, pre-cast concrete and plastic cable pits for the Mining industry sector are developed with similar heavy duty requirements as Rail.
  • CUBIS Mining Pits by CUBIS SYSTEMS, QLD 4110
  • CUBIS Mining Pits by CUBIS SYSTEMS, QLD 4110
  • CUBIS Mining Pits by CUBIS SYSTEMS, QLD 4110

All pre-cast concrete pits are developed for heavy load rating and incorporate minimum 40Mpa concrete with steel bar and mesh reinforcement. Cable pit access covers may be used in Defence and Rail, or for very heavy load applications the use of cast iron access covers encased in separate pre-cast concrete cable pit roofs. CUBIS' capability to design and manufacture specialised pit and roof assemblies are available on request.

For Gas exploration projects the use of innovative modular cable pit systems, pre-cast concrete cable pits or plastic cable pits may be used. In these projects the load rating requirement is not as it is for general Mining (such as Coal Mines). Cable pits as used in Rail are ideal for these projects combined with hinged locking access covers. Alternatively plastic cable pits as used in Telecommunications and general Electrical industries with Class B load rated galvanised mild steel locking covers are recommended. The locking of these sometimes remote location installations is recommended – simple Allen Key style, or for higher security level installations the use of SCEC access covers.


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